OSC Library

Atlas has an extensive OSC library to allow user control.

Functions associated with cue playback




Start a Cue


Stop a Cue


Panic Workspace


Panic All


Select Previous Cue


Select Next Cue


Functions associated with locating objects


Send an object to its Default Location


Send a range of Objects to their Default Locations


Send a group to its default location


Hard locate an object


Hard locate a range of objects


Hard locate a group


Functions associated with locking objects


Lock an object


Lock a range of objects


Lock a group of objects


Unlock an object


Unlock a range of objects


Unlock a group of objects


Functions associated with soloing objects


Solo an object


Solo a group of objects


Clear solo command


Functions associated with palettes


Recall a palette


Move an object to a position palette


Move a range of objects to a position palette


Functions associated with OSC control


Enabling incoming OSC


Disable incoming OSC


Enable outgoing OSC


Disable outgoing OSC


Enable incoming MTC Timecode


Disable incoming MTC Timecode


Enable incoming tracking data


Disable incoming tracking data


Functions associated with OSC control to external devices

Enable outgoing OSC to external device


Disable outgoing OSC to external device


Toggle outgoing OSC to external device


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