The Cuelist allows programmed actions to be replayed within Atlas. These can be triggered locally, via timecode or OSC.

New Cue

To create a new cue in Atlas select the new cue button or use (shortcut 0)

Cue numbers, titles and cue durations can be edited by double clicking on the relevant text and entering the desired value.

When enabled for timecode Atlas will display the timecode trigger time for the cue in the format: xx:xx:xx:xx

Atlas will allow multiple cues to adopt the same cue number. If triggered locally from the cuestack each cue will run independently.

If triggered remotely via OSC any cues with the same identifying number will trigger simultaneously.

Changing Cue Duration (Global)

Changing the cue duration will affect the duration of all modules within the programmer for that selected cue. Atlas will produce the following warning in this scenario:

New Marker

To create a new marker click on the "New Marker" button. Atlas will insert a marker below the selected cue.

Markers do not interrupt the flow of the cuestack and serve to provide information to the programmer/operator only.

Search allows users to locate external device values within the cuelist as well as showing all executable triggers within one window.

Cuelist Inspector






Selecting this option will enabled MTC triggers for the selected cue.




Right-Click on cue

Delete Cue with "x" modules

Selecting this action will delete the selected cue. Atlas will warn how many programming modules are inside that cue and therefore about to be deleted.

Fold All Modules

Selecting this action will cause all object modules within the programmer to close showing just the headers for the programmed actions.

Unfold All Modules

Selecting this action will cause all object modules within the programmer to open showing all programming actions.

Individual modules can be opened and closed using the (downwards arrow icon) on the object header.

Ignore Cue

Ignoring a cue in Atlas causes the software to behave as if the cue doesn't exist. All warnings associated with "Park, Move-in-mute & Live Moves" will be reassigned to cues either side of the ignored cue.

The playhead will progress directly over the ignored cue and proceed as though the cue does not exist within the cuelist.

Assign Object References from Previous Cue

When using "Park, Move-in-Mute & Live Moves" selecting this option will assign referenced objects from the previous cue to the selected cue.

Check for Errors

Selecting this will refresh all cue references within the cuelist looking for errors relating to "Park, Move-in-Mute & Live Moves"

Functions associated with Cuelist

Cue Number

Atlas allows users to allocate a cue number to a cue for identification purposes.

Cue Title

Cues can be assigned a title for identification purposes

Cue Duration

Atlas will display the cue duration as the longest module action active within it.


Markers allow users to insert instructions and identifiers without distrupting the flow of the playhead.

Timecode Trigger Time

If enabled, timecode trigger times will be displayed within the cuelist.

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