Object Overview

The Object Overview allows users to determine the realtime values of objects alongside making quick realtime changes to objects parameters.

All actions within this window are affecting the realtime parameters of the selected objects.

Activating Object Overview in Overview Window

Clicking on an object in the overview window will activate the Object Overview display to appear.

Functions associated with the Object Overview


Selecting this box will lock the selected object or object group. The cue list and external controllers will not allow any changes to be made to the selected object whilst the object is locked.

Manual changes are permissible from the overview window (such as repositioning or changing spread)

Unselecting this box will allow the controllers and cue list to take control over the object and resume programmed actions.

Objects can be locked via OSC control allowing macros and other controllers such as Streamdeck to provide easy user control.

Other functions

All other functions are covered elsewhere within the documentation and relate to object parameters as outlined.

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