Our Features

Show Control for Spatial Audio

  • Control object's positions & spreads and other attributes

  • Integrated with ZacTracks Trackers for ultimate control

  • Using Palette you remove the need to remember complex strings

  • Build OSC Templates and Palette to make programming even quicker

  • Automatically Park Objects out of the way when they aren't in the scene.

  • Control up to three OSC Devices on different interfaces for redundant Audio Control

  • Trigger External Devices, ie QLab, Mainstage, your Sound or Lighting consoles - with ability to quickly enable/disable their outputs

  • Use our shape generator to send objects around your space

  • Live Moves & Move in Mute for objects

  • Standby Selected, the quickest way to set back your devices in tech so you are never out of sequence.

  • Accepts MIDI & OSC for cue list control, along with OSC Wildcards for External devices

  • Filter Objects by Sets or by search

  • Lock objects to disable cue list control allowing only the Overview to move them

  • Custom background and rotation on a cue by cue basis.


Palettes are a powerful tool in Atlas, both Custom OSC and Position palettes are available.

  1. No more Strings! Use Atlas to build palettes with Objects

  2. Define a position or palette properties once and reference throughout the cue list.

  3. Custom Palettes appear as dropdowns within the cue list.

  4. User friendly programming without all the OSC Strings

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