Position Palettes

Position palettes allow a positions object to be stored and then recalled relatively within the cue stack.

Creating a Position Palette

Click on the + in the position palette menu. Select from the required space for reference and then click inside the space at the desired location.

Deleting a Position Palette

Selecting the required Position Palette and clicking on the - will delete the selected palette.

Functions Associated with Position Palettes


Allows the user to attribute a description to the palette.


Allows the user to select a space in which to align the objects position within the palette.

Update from Overview Position

Allows the user to take a current live position and store within the selected position palette.

Position palettes are helpful when a given position may change as a result of a one time change. For example assigning downstage centre as a position palette would allow this to be updated in a different venue and have that location track across an entire show.

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