Objects are the individual audio streams that are controlled within Atlas.

Adding Objects to the Workspace

There are 3 ways in which it is possible to add objects to your workspace:

By default Atlas will auto-increment the spatial ID with each additional object.

Import from DS100

When online Atlas will allow you to import objects as presented within the DS100. Any names will be preserved and imported from the live device.

Import from File

Please see Import from File

Add Object

Allows spatial audio objects to be manually added to the Atlas Workspace. By default these objects will be named "Spatial ID X".

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Deleting Objects from the workspace

Select the required objects and select "Delete Object" from the menu.

Functions Associated with Objects


This is the long name of the object.

Short Name

This is a 4 character name that applies to the objects as viewed in the programmer and overview. Note: This can also include Emoji's.

Spatial Object ID

This is the ID that is presented to the spatial audio engine. These can be modified within the Atlas show file to allow for reassignment of objects without the need to reprogram within the space.

Default Journey Duration

This is the time in which an object will move by default when given a journey in the programmer.

Live Move Duration

When enabled: This is the time in which an object will move by default when presented with a live move in playback.

Object Colour

Allows for an object, or group, to be assigned a colour.

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