Cue Matrix

The cue matrix provides a powerful batch editing function allowing for multiple cue editing alongside real-time updates to an active show.

The Cue-Matrix view requires Mac OS 13.0 or above.

Functions Associated with the Cue-Matrix

Add Object(s)

Clicking on the + button in the objects column will allow for object actions to be assigned within a given cue.

Editing an Object

Clicking on a given object will bring up the cue-matrix editor for the selected object. Most functions found within the respective modules Object Properties Inspector can be edited from here.

Changes made within the cue-matrix are made in realtime to the cuelist and may affect playback. Edits can be made during the performance to modify upcoming cues and their behaviour as well as updates made in previously executed cues.

Add External Device Trigger(s)

Clicking on the + button in the external triggers column will allow for external triggers to be assigned.

Using the ESC key will close the window without any action being applied.

By selecting multiple cues the in the cue-matrix it is possible to assign external triggers across a range of cues attributing a custom start number and custom incrementation.

Headers Visible within the Cue-Matrix


Displays the cue number.


Displays the timecode trigger time.

Cue Name

Displays the name of the cue.


Shows the objects and actions assigned within the selected cue.

External Triggers

Shows the external triggers associated with the selected cue.

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