Groups allow objects to be logically joined together and programmed.

Creating a Group

Selecting two or more objects will cause the "Make Group" button illuminate. To group those objects click the button.

When a group is created an additional tab will be created within the object setup called "Group Config"

An object can only belong to one group within a session.

Adding additional objects to a group

Additional objects can be added to an existing group by right-clicking on an object and selecting the group from the drop-down list that appears.

Removing objects from a group

Objects can be removed from a group by right-clicking on an object(s) and selecting "Remove from Group"

Deleting a Group

If all objects are removed from a group Atlas will prompt that removal of the last object will delete the selected group. Selecting "Delete Group" will remove the group from the workspace.

Functions Associated with Groups

Make a Group

Creates a group from selected objects

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