Use the slider at the bottom of the Spaces tab to adjust the viewing size of your space.

Adding a Space

See "Import from File"

Deleting a Space

Highlight the required space and select "Delete Space" Alternatively right-click on the required space and select "Delete Space" from the pop-up menu.

The default space has to exist within Atlas and cannot be deleted.

Functions associated with spaces

Default Space

When first opening Atlas the user is presented with a "Default Space". This cannot be deleted by can be updated with relevant data to reflect the users mapping plane.


Allows for the user to switch between metric and imperial measurements.


Allows for the boundaries of the mapping plane to have a colour applied.

New Background

Clicking on the image icon allows for background images to be assigned to spaces. Each space can have multiple images. These are recallable on a cue by cue basis and selectable independently in the overview.


Allows the background image to be named.


Images can be overlaid with 1m and 5m grids, a crosshair and quad divisions to aid alignment of images.

Invert Colour

Inverts the colour of the selected image. This can be useful for modifying an image between dark and light modes when responding to the environment. (ie: in daylight or inside a dark room)

Image Scale

Allows selected image to be scaled to match the mapping planes parameters.


Allows selected images opacity to be varied.

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