Atlas has an extensive OSC library allowing its integration into many workflows.

Atlas is fixed to listening to incoming OSC on port 5050.

Assigning a Debounce Time

Atlas has the ability to ignore OSC commands that occur within a given timeframe. By entering a time in this window Atlas will not respond to the same command within that time. By default this setting is 0.20 seconds.

Allow OSC to move playhead

Selecting this option will allow external OSC commands to move the playhead within the workspace.

Custom OSC Trigger

Atlas can be triggered via a custom OSC Trigger message. To assign a custom string to trigger Atlas's cuestack enter the necessary string within this window.

An example where the custom OSC Trigger can be used includes the triggering of Atlas scene for scene alongside a sound console. By creating matching scene numbers in Atlas to coincide with the console Atlas will seamlessly mirror the console scene structure.

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