Atlas allows the user to configure how tracker technology interfaces within the software.

Creating a Tracker Patch

By clicking on the "Add Tracker Patch" Atlas will create a blank tracker patch within the window.

To assign an incoming tracker ID to that patch enter the numerical identifier as defined within your chosen tracking hardware within the primary patch window.

To assign an object to that tracker patch; click on "Add Object" and select the desired object to be controlled under that tracker assignment.

It is possible to assign multiple objects to a given tracker facilitating the use of sharing trackers between different performers.

A default boundary can be selected if desired; this will automatically apply to the tracker when inserted into the cue list. The chosen boundary can be changed within each cue should a different boundary be required.

Atlas will not permit the use of duplicate incoming patch ID's and will display the error message "Patch already in use"

Multiple objects can be assigned to a single tracker patch allowing for dynamic assignment within the show file.

Modifying a Tracker Patch

Deleting a Tracker Patch

Ensure that the patch is disabled. Selecting the waste-bin symbol next the patch will delete it.

Functions Associated with Trackers

Global Settings

The Global Settings menu facilitates the global enablement/disablement and stabilisation/pass-through settings of all tracker patches.


This menu allows the selection of the required hardware integration. Currently it is only possible to select one manufacturer within a show file.

Range Bound / Metered

Atlas will accept either range bound or metered tracking information.

Add Tracker Patch

Facilitates the addition of a tracker patch into the show file.


Enables a tracker patch for use within Atlas. Unselecting will disable the patch.

Primary Patch

This determines the numerical ID from the incoming tracking data that Atlas will use. Support for a redundant/secondary tracker patch is in development.

Add Object

Facilitates the addition of object(s) to the tracker patch.

Default Boundary

A default boundary can be selected for an object when it is enabled for use with a tracker within the cuelist. This boundary can be changed on a cue level basis if required.

If no boundaries have been defined then the only option that will appear is "none".

Passthrough / Stabliise

Defines whether Atlas is passing tracking data through or using its internal stabilisation algorithm.

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