Palettes allow for referenced parameters to be accessed within Atlas both throughout the cue list and in realtime mode.

Creating a New Palette

Clicking on the "+' in the left hand menu next to "Palettes" will create a new Palette within Atlas.

Deleting a Palette

Selecting a palette and then clicking on the "-' in the left hand menu next to "palettes" will delete the selected palette within Atlas.

Assigning Functions to a Palette

Select the required palette for editing from the main palette list.

From the dropdown menu it is possible to select from the available palette actions for the given spatial engine.

Objects, outputs and function groups are all selectable depending upon the action chosen. Clicking on the required tiles will add them into the palette command and move them into the "chosen objects".

Objects can be searched for and/or selected by set to assist programming.

Clicking on the "+" next to the default preset on the menu will allow for the addition of selectable presets for the given command. These can be manually assigned or by populating from known parameters.

Currently palettes cannot be assigned a duration for their action to occur. A workaround is possible using user defined palettes.

If using more than one spatial engine in an extended mode Atlas will automatically work out which commands needs to be sent to which engine to achieve the desired result.

Functions Associated with Palettes

Palette Name

Allows the palette to be assigned a name for identification.

Standby in Cues

When selected Atlas will execute the palette within the cuelist when using Standby Selected and Forced Selected.

Recall Palette

Will immediately recall the selected palette.

Default Preset / Add Preset

Allows for presets to be allocated to a palette allowing parameters to be recalled against the chosen action.


When using certain functions Atlas can auto populate the palette with known values from the manufacturers implementation.

When using d&b DS100 there are automatic populations for the following functions:

  • Delay Mode

  • Reverb Send Level

  • Spread

  • Reverb Room Selector

Add Command to Palette

Allows additional parameters to be added to a given palette.

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