External Devices

External Devices allow Atlas to communicate with the world using the OSC protocol.

Adding an External Device

Clicking on the "+' in the left hand menu next to "External Devices" will create a new External Device within Atlas


Selecting this option will enable the external device for use within Atlas.

Atlas supports Wildcards and Iterations when addressing external devices. See Wildcards & Iterations for more information.

Functions Associated with External Devices


Clicking on the icon allows the assignment of an icon to represent the external device within the programmer.


Allows the device to be given a name.

Display in Toolbar

Selecting this option displays the selected external device within the toolbar.

Include in Standby Selected

Selecting this option allows Atlas to include the external device in standby-selected.


Defines the network interface that Atlas will use to communicate with the selected external device.


Defines the IP address of the device that is required to be controlled by Atlas. This takes the IPV4 notation.


Defines the port number that Atlas will transmit OSC on for the selected device.

Atlas can output to up to 5 network interfaces, IP Addresses and ports for a given External Device. Select the "+" button next to the port text field to add additional network interfaces per device.

Default String

Defines the default string presented for an external device when first added to the cuestack.


Defines the OSC string that Atlas will send to the external device when the Atlas workspace is panicked. Leaving blank means Atlas will send no command upon panic.


Atlas holds a list of predefined OSC Templates for manufacturers OSC integration. Selecting one of these templates will populate the OSC string with appropriate strings for the selected manufacturers device.

If the device you want to require is not listed it is very easy to add your own control strings for your chosen hardware. "New Template" will allow you to add your own commands to the device.

If there is a common device you'd like to see added to the "templates" please email us with a reference to those commands on support@flamingosoftware.co.uk

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