Overview Actions

The overview window in Atlas provides the user with useful realtime functionality. These actions exist in both the captive overview and external overview window.

Solo allows the user to highlight a given object or object group for easy identification within the overview. Clicking on the solo icon a second time will release the solo function.

This is a visual functionality and does not effect audio output.

Disable Trackers

Disable Trackers allows the user to disable all, or a selected object, that is currently under tracker control within the cuelist.

This function toggles between showing any active tracking boundaries on the overview within the current cue

Re-Sync requests all the current data from the spatial audio processor. When connecting external controllers and devices to Atlas it is recommended to perform this action to sync all devices within the control network.

Bring to front will locate the chosen object to the top layer of the overview. When objects overlap this function can be used to allow control of the chosen object in the overview.

By clicking on an object or object group icon within the overview window a menu will appear at the bottom of the window. Within this window the user can change realtime parameters of the selected object. Available parameters include object spread, mode, en-space send and the ability to "Lock" an object.

Object Lock

In the overview window the action of locking an object will prevent any cuelist action or external controller from moving or changing parameters related to that object. Manipulation of parameters are still permissible directly from the overview window only. A locked object will display a padlock symbol next to the object in the overview.

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