Overview Window

The overview window(s) shows the position and parameters of objects within the system.

Users can view the overview window inside the main workspace by clicking on the folded map symbol at the top right of the programmer.


Within this drop down users can select which "space" and any background images associated with it as setup within the "spaces settings"

Overview - Simulated

When working offline Atlas will display "Overview - Simulated" when looking at the overview window. In this mode Atlas can be used to program your spatial audio show without the necessity to connect to a device.

Overview - Live

When connected to a spatial audio engine the overview window will display "Overview - Live". In this mode Atlas will display realtime data returned from the spatial audio engine confirming the accuracy of the data and ensuring synchronisation for the user.

It is possible to select which spatial audio engine you are receiving data from by clicking on the relevant button within the toolbar.

External Overview Window

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