Object Overview

The Object Overview window allows the user to see and control an objects parameters both whilst programming and online.

Offline Mode

When Atlas is working offline the parameters displayed in the overview are related to the programming within the cuelist. Any values entered into the Object Overview will not be actively reflected as changes within the programmer.

Any object whose parameters haven't been actively modified will display default values when working offline!

Online Mode

When Atlas is working online the parameters displayed in the overview are realtime values being received from the device.

Any changes made will affect the live output but will not be recorded in the programmer unless specific actions for those parameters are entered!

Selecting Objects

By default Atlas will provide additive selection when clicking on objects. Multiple objects can be edited in this way.

On the left hand menu objects can be sorted by Sets to enable specific selections of objects to be made visible together.

Relative/Absolute Editing

When multi-selected moving a fader relating to a Reverb Send Level will maintain relative levels between the selected send level

When multi-selected typing a value into the Reverb Send Level will cause all selected objects to move to the entered value.

Functions associated with Object Overview

Clear Selection

Clears all currently selected objects.

Add All

Selects all objects currently visible within the Object Viewer.

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