Position Module

This module allows objects to be moved within the programmer. Single points, custom journeys and trackers are all available options.

Creating an action for an object

Using the Module Selector - Select an object, objects or group for which you wish to create a positional change.

Clicking at a single location will create a single point movement without an associated journey.

By clicking and holding the left mouse button it is possible to draw a custom journey for the given object.

The slower the user draws the journey the more editable points that will be created along the pathway.

Holding down Option whilst drawing will create a straight line between two points.

Holding down Cmd and clicking inside the programmer window will allow an existing journey to be relcoated within the workspace without the need to redraw.

Use Tracker

Selecting this option activates a tracker for the given object.

For full tracker implementation see Trackers.


Allows the allocation of a tracker patch to an object within the cue. Available options are shown within the dropdown menu.

This option will only show when an object is patched to more than one tracker within the show settings. This allows for objects to change their tracker allocation within the show.


Allows the selection of the active tracking axis. Tracking can be allowed within the XY, X-Only and Y-Only axis. To assign a manual value to either X or Y select an object position within the overview prior to selecting the chosen restriction.


Allows the selection of a tracking boundary to be activated within the given cue.


Allows for the action of the tracker to be defined once the cue has completed over its duration.

Disable Tracker

This option turns the tracker off at the end of the duration of the selected cue.

Leave Active

This option leaves the tracker active and tracking based upon the parameters selected within the cue.

Disable and Move-in-Mute

This option will turn off the tracker and allow Atlas to move the object automatically as part of Move-In-Mute.


This option allows Atlas to catch the selected tracker and then turn off the tracking. When selected a green boundary is activated that can be adjusted in width with the slider. When the tracked object enters this area Atlas will perform the catch.

Functions associated with Position Modules


Prewait defines the amount of time the given module will wait before starting.

Atlas will automatically assign a pre-wait time equal to the total duration time of all previous modules of the same type associated with an object.


Duration defines the amount of time over which the selected action will occur.


Allows the selected programming action to be ignored within the programmer.


Allows the selected object to reference a location palette to take its position from.

By using a position palette you can easily update the position across multiple objects and cues by editing the palette position.


From allows the user to update the position within the programmer from another objects position within the programmer or from a live position within the overview window.

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