Shape Module

This module allows objects to be moved within predefined shape patterns within the programmer.

Functions associated with Shape Module`


Prewait defines the amount of time the given module will wait before starting.

Atlas will automatically assign a pre-wait time equal to the total duration time of all previous modules of the same type associated with an object.


Duration defines the amount of time over which the selected action will occur.


Allows the selected programming action to be ignored within the programmer.


Allows the user to select the required shape action for the object. As of 1.2.2 a circle and straight line are currently available.


Allows the shape to repeat forever or a custom number of times before stopping.


Allows the shape to autoreverse from its start point to end point within the repeat duration.

Offset (circle only)

Allows the start/end point of the circular shape to be defined within degrees.

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