Spatial Audio Devices

Spatial audio engines are at the heart of Atlas's show control.

OSC Transmit Indicator

This indicator will flash green when Atlas is transmitting OSC to the Spatial Engines.

Atlas requires a license to output OSC

Device Status

The status of Spatial Audio Devices is displayed within the bottom toolbar.

Devices will only display within the toolbar if they are enabled within devices.

Yellow Boundary

When Atlas is connected and online with a spatial audio device the yellow boundary around a devices' status indicator determines which device Atlas is communicating with to display its "live overview" in online mode. Each device present can be selected to confirm communication from the device.


When working offline the status of these will display as "Disconnected" and display the background colour of the device as red.


When a valid spatial audio devices is present the relevant window will display "Connected" and display the background colour of the device as green. Currently a maximum of 3 devices is supported.


When OSC output is disabled for a spatial audio device a banner "disabled" is displayed across the device. No OSC output will be present. This function can also be controlled via OSC (OSC Library)

Atlas will not output OSC if it is not connected to at least one device.

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